Uzumaki Naruto

Personal appearance and Personality Edit

Uzumaki Naruto is a ninja from the Hidden Leaf Village or Konoha and is at the juniormost level that is that of a genin. He has the Nine Tailed Demon Fox or the Kyuubi sealed within him by the Fourth Hokage at the cost of the latter's life. The Kyuubi having an enormous amount of destructive power can be controlled by one alone, that is the one within whom it is sealed, the Jinchuriki.Hence Naruto lived an isolated life as a child being feared and loathed by the people around him. This is why he is able to understand the feelings of Gaara from the Sand Village, a fellow Jinchuriki. However he grows to be a friendly boy and makes every one he meets his friend. He is an extraordinary boy with powerful determination and often jumps headlong into dangerous situations to save his dear ones. Naruto has a mop of spiky bright yellow hair and large blue eyes and his face is almost always set in a wide grin. Not only is he a good friend but is also quite lewd sometimes. He is constantly found trying to take Sakura out for a date and also dreaming about her that usually end with her giving him a sound kick. His character is powerful and is the main protagonist of the series. In the first episode w eget a glimpse of him and Sasuke Uchiha.

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